Ida Jenshus

Ida Jenshus, the uncrowned country-rock queen of Norway, became famous for operating on an intersecting point between pop, rock and, of course, country. With glowing reviews from countless critics and more than one award along the way, it seems like only the sky is the limit for this young singer/songwriter.


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After winning the NRK talent competition “Lyden av Lørdag” in 2007, Ida Jenshus` artist career quickly took off, and she made her debut in 2008 with the singles “These are the Days” and “For the Nation”. Then followed her first studio album “Color of the Sun” which earned her the Norwegian Grammy (“Spellemannsprisen”) for best country album 2008. Two years later, in 2010, she released her second album, “No Guarantees”, with twelve new songs that showcased a rapidly maturing singer/ songwriter. Again she won the Norwegian Grammy.

After this, Ida established herself as one of Norway`s leading female country artists, and she was invited to open for the Eagles when they performed at the Norwegian Wood Festival in the summer of 2011. When she won the Norwegian Grammy once again in 2012 for her album “Someone to Love”, she became the first Norwegian solo artist to win Grammys for her first three albums. With this album, she also took her music further in to the rock/pop territory and developed the characteristic sound that she is known for today.

During the fall of 2013, Ida went on a writing trip to the US, co-writing in NYC, Woodstock, Boston, LA and Nashville and showcasing in LA. On this trip, Ida truly blossomed as a songwriter, soaking in the culture and co-writing with some great American artists and writers.In the fall of 2014 Ida released her single “Shallow River”, which generated great reviews and made it to several of Norway`s “Songs of the Year”-lists at the end of 2014.She followed up her single last October with a genre-breaching EP, earning her yet another Norwegian Grammy nomination, this time as “Pop Soloist 2014″. Her fourth full-length, “Starting Over Again”, was just released, in March 2015, to unanimous critical acclaim in Norwegian media.Earlier this spring, Ida went on her “Starting Over Again Tour 2015″, performing her new material, and this summer, she will be doing a summer tour, performing at festivals all over Norway.


From review of «Someone to Love»:
«The roots of the music lies deeper, whether it is country or rock that dominates, and the gentle, heavy and monumental moods are carried by a varied instrumentation, a vocal that is stripped bare and electrical impulses. (…) If Jenshus doesn´t give you back the faith in music and it´s inner voice, nothing will.»
- Mode Steinkjer, Dagsavisen



2015 – Changes (Single)
2015 – Starting Over Again (Album)
2015 – My Last Goodbye (Single)
2014 – Hero (Single)
2014 – Let It Go (EP)
2014 – Shallow River (Single)
2012 – Someone To Love (Album)
2012 – Marie (What Happened To The Music?) (Single)
2012 – Someone To Love (Single)
2011 – Dove-Arena (Single)
2010 – No Guarantees (Album)
2010 – I Waited (Single)
2010 – Better Day (Single)
2008 – Color Of The Sun (Album)
2008 – These Are The Days (Single)