Alfred Hall

Give a couple of farmhands some guitars and synths, and they make sweet, sweet indie pop? Sometimes things really are that simple. This is the band that has managed to find the perfect pop formula on their first attempt – what other bands spend years trying to figure out.


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Review of «Wilderness» – GAFFA
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In 2009, Bjørn and Hans Thomas, two farm- hands from Drammen, Norway decided to start making music themselves, after years of listening to others. Even after their second gig ever, the rave reviews started coming in, and with their first single "So Bright" (Norway), the band quickly became the band to watch out for in 2012. "So Bright" was a hit on international tastemaker radio stations and on Norwegian radio, making way for the album Wilderness, which was released exclusively in Norway in 2013.

Their music video «Lose That Gun» embraced the masses like a warm breeze during the summer of 2013. It featured at several short-film festivals and the video was nominated as “Scandinavia ́s best music video” at the Bergen International Film Festival 2013.

During the spring of 2014, the band landed a sync placement with Netflix, using their song “Safe and Sound” on the official trailer for Netflix originals series Derek. The King of Cape - 2015 single Soon after, the Mexican beer brand Cerveza Pacifico Clara used their song “Someplace Alfred Hall - 2014 EP Beautiful” in their release campaign towards the U.S market. The campaign video became Wilderness - 2013 album (Norway) a huge hit, and currently has had over 400 000 views on Youtube.

In October 2014, Alfred Hall performed on the opening night of Ja Ja Ja Berlin, the German subsidiary to the Ja Ja Ja Nordic Club Nights in London. Together with Naomi Pilgrim and Blaue Blume, they created an charming showcase, with great response from a packed Fluxbau concert hall.

In December, Alfred Hall released their latest self-titled EP globally, and they released their follow-up single "The King of Cape" in March. The EP has currently generated over 1 million streams on Spotify, and the single have been picked up by several prominent sources in the U.S, including the Passport Approved Radio Channel.


Review of «Wilderness»:
«It´s nothing but floating, thought trough and dreaming pop Alfred Hall delivers. A light mix of pleasant guitars and synths, and a vocal that doesn´t need a wide range to be exciting, creates the sound that you could just as easily daydream or fall asleep to.»
– Robin Skog, GAFFA

After Alfred Hall supported Wolf Gang in Oslo:
«… The most refreshing performance I have seen and heard from a Norwegian band in ages… Such beautiful pop music is hard to come by.»
– Øyvind Rones, GAFFA


2015 – The King Of Cape (Single)
2014 – Alfred Hall (EP)
2013 – Wilderness (Album)
2012 – Safe & Sound (Single)
2012 – So Bright (Single)