Matilda Gressberg

Only 20 years old, Matilda has already been a hot name for several years. With her single «When Something Ends» that become a radio hit on national Norwegian radio in 2012, she kicked in to gear a promising musical career, and exciting things are happening!

Born and raised in Eidskog, Norway, Matilda started enjoying music at a young age. Only fifteen years old, she entered the Norwegian talent show «Norske talenter» and impressed the judges with her distinctive, mature voice. She went on to releasing her debut album «A Heart» in 2013. She also contributed a song to the Norwegian film «Til Ungdommen».

Matilda is now working on her next album, co-writing with big names in the industry and growing even further as an artist.

Matilda live at «TV-aksjonen»:


Review of «A Heart»:
«The neat musical packaging, and not least the vocal charisma [stands to a A+] and shows great promise for the future.»
— Sven Ove Bakke, Dagbladet


Review of “A Heart”, Dagbladet

Matilda in “New Music”, P3