Ingrid Olava

Born and raised in Oslo, Ingrid Olava is a contemporary singer/songwriter with a dreamy and evocative sound. Starting out as a talented performer, receiving praise for her performances at events like the Quart festival and the Slottsfjell festival, Olava has gone on to become renown as an eminent songwriter and album artist.

Ingrid Olava released her first album, “Juliet´s Wishes” in 2008, laying the foundation for what has become a stable, glowing music career.

Later in 2008, she recorded a cover version of Jokke & Valentinerne´s “Her kommer vintern” (Here comes the winter”) which became an instant hit and was put into heavy rotation on P3.

After receiving the Spellemann award for best female artist in 2010 for the release of her second album “The Guest”, Olava became one of Norway´s leading female artists.

Since then, Olava has been extremely active, both recording songs and performing, but also acting. She played her song “Back To Love” on the final episode of the first season of the series “Lilyhammer”, and had a small part in the movie “Oslo, 31. August”. On September 6th, 2013, she released her third album, “Summer House”.


Summer House – 2013 (album)
Jackie Kennedy – 2013 (single)
Black Box – 2013 (single)
The Guest – 2010 (album)
Warrior Song – 2009 (single)
Juliet´s Wishes – 2008 (album)
Back To Love – 2008 (single)
Only Just Begun – 2008 (single)


From review of “Summer House”:
That she is a gifted vocalist is not news, but the tremendous variations and precise expression that stears Ingrid Olava through “Summer House” is in a class of its own; with heavenly back-up vocals to complete it.”
– Rannveig Falkenberg-Arell, Dagbladet, September 2013

From review of “Juliet´s Wishes”:
«Musically, Juliet’s wishes» is yet another example of less-is-more without crossing the line and becoming minimalism. It’s a record loaded with dynamism, grandness, full of romantic, cinematic and literary touches – but, most importantly it’s a unique record – an instant classic»
– Tom Skjeklesæther, ABC Nyheter, 30th of March 2008


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