Ida Jenshus

Ida Jenshus, the uncrowned country-rock queen of Norway, became famous for operating on an intersecting point between pop, rock and, of course, country. With glowing reviews from countless critics and more than one award along the way, it seems like only the sky is the limit for this young singer/songwriter.

After winning a talent competition in 2007, Ida Jenshus´ career quickly took off, resulting in two singles, «These are the days» and «For the Nation», released in 2008, followed by her first studio album, «Color of the Sun», which gave her the Spellemann award 2008 for best country album. In 2010 she released her second album, «No Guarantees», that again won the Spellemann award in the country category. When she repeated the success once again in 2012 and received the Spellemann award for her third album «Someone to Love», she officially became the first Norwegian solo-artist to win awards for her first three albums.

Ida is currently writing new material, preparing a new album to continue her winning streak.

Listen to her single, «Someone To Love»:



Someone to Love (2012) – Album
Marie (What Happened To The Music?) (2012) – Single
Someone To Love (2012) – Single
Dove-Arena (2011) – Single
No Guarantees (2010) – Album
I Waited (2010) – Single
Better Day (2010) – Single
Color Of The Sun (2008) – Album
These Are The Days (2008) – Single


From review of «Someone to Love»:
«The roots of the music lies deeper, whether it is country or rock that dominates, and the gentle, heavy and monumental moods are carried by a varied instrumentation, a vocal that is stripped bare and electrical impulses. (…) If Jenshus doesn´t give you back the faith in music and it´s inner voice, nothing will.»
– Mode Steinkjer, Dagsavisen


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