Ida Jenshus – Starting Over Again

Ida Jenshus` new album «Starting Over Again» is out in Norway now!

Ida Starting


Ida released her new album on March 13th, and has already gotten wonderful reviews:

Adressa:  6/6 – «Her most daring and best album so far»

Fedrelandsvennen: 5/6 –  «Pure musical pleasure»……/m…/Starten-pa-fortsettelsen-2776257.html

Aftenposten: 5/6 – «A solid cementation of her position as the countrys leading artist in the musikal crossover between folk, rock and country»…/Ida-Jenshus-viser-sin-storhet-i…

Stavanger Aftenblad: 5/6 – «Pushing limits»

Countrylandet: 6/6 – «As the last tone of the album faded out,there was only one thing to do- push repeat»

Sunnmørsposten: 5/6 – «Made for long-lasting enjoyment»

Find it here: (Norway)