by:Songs Kick Off on March 1st

In the days preceding and during by:Larm, from today, March 1st, until March 4th, The songwriting camp by:Songs will take place!

Framed by the by:Larm Festival, a number of both Norwegian and international writers will work together in Whiteroom Studios in Asker and Tanken Studios in Sandvika/Bærum.

Some top A&R people and record company executives from the US are invited to come and evaluate the work being done, an initiative supported by the Foreign Ministry of Norway.
A number of panels and seminars will also be held in the by:Songs name.

The camp is a cooperation between Toothfairy, Whiteroom, Warner Chappel, 5Star Entertainment and Waterfall, who will all contribute with some of their best people, and Waterfall will be sending 6 participants!

As Waterfall CEO Kai Robøle commented:
“We´re a relatively small family of publishers here in Norway, but growing fast, and I firmly believe that is is mutually beneficial to all of us to join forces and work on this kind of stuff. Let´s make our mark. Together.»

Tono, NOPA and NMFF are also big contributors to making the camp happen.