Brandyn Burnette

The American artist/songwriter Brandyn Burnette´s music has been described as a tasteful blend of Soul and Pop, with a timeless quality.

With over 700.000 hits on Youtube, there´s no question that this up and coming artist has been doing some great covers of artists like Fun, Lil’ Wayne, B.o.B and John Mayer. But this year is Burnette´s time to shine. He has lately been touring the US, showcasing his new material, and feeding his ever growing fan base on Youtube with small snippets from his upcoming EP album.

To put it in Brandyn´s own words: “I wanna do it all. That´s the only way to keep gaining success. If you wanna do music, do all types, play all instruments, adapt to all styles. In my opinion, that´s the only way to grow as an artist. You gotta keep exploring your talent.»

The debut single from Brandyn will be released on June 10th, with his first EP «The Couch Surfing Chronicles» to follow.

Check out his cover song “Everybody Talks”:



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