Alfred Hall

Give a couple of farmhands some guitars and synths, and they make sweet, sweet indie pop?

Sometimes things really are that simple. This is the band that has managed to find the perfect pop formula on their first attempt – what other bands spend years trying to figure out.

Foto: Lisa Selin

This duo, consisting of Hans Thomas Kiær /Kjaer/ and Bjørn Tveit /Tvait/ might not have been extremely productive since they started in 2009, but what they have to offer is pure star spangled pop heaven. This isn’t music just for the sake of music; it’s the reason for it in its most pure and obvious way. It was created and nurtured in a barn in Drammen – the home of Alfred the bull. The significance of Alfred is probably as overstated as it’s understated.

Even after their second gig ever, the rave reviews started coming in, and the band quickly became the band to watch out for in 2012. Their first single, «So Bright» (2012), was a hit on Norwegian radio, and their debut album «Wilderness» (2013) received excellent reviews and generated a lot of excitement. Their music video «Lose That Gun» (2013) embraced the masses like a warm breeze last summer. It played on several short-film festivals and was nominated as “Scandinavia´s best music video” at Bergen International Film Festival last year.


Wilderness (2013) – Album
Safe & Sound (2012) – Single
So Bright (2012) – Single


Review of «Wilderness»:
«It´s nothing but floating, thought trough and dreaming pop Alfred Hall delivers. A light mix of pleasant guitars and synths, and a vocal that doesn´t need a wide range to be exciting, creates the sound that you could just as easily daydream or fall asleep to.»
– Robin Skog, GAFFA

After Alfred Hall supported Wolf Gang in Oslo:
«… The most refreshing performance I have seen and heard from a Norwegian band in ages… Such beautiful pop music is hard to come by.»
– Øyvind Rones, GAFFA


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Review of «Wilderness»,