A Small Selection Of Our Prior Work

Over the years, Waterfall Studio has been involved in a broad specter of productions, from Satyricon to Kylie Minogue. Here are just some of the artists who we´ve worked with in our studio:


TimTim Scott McConnell – American singer-songwriter and guitarist. His two albums «Deceivers & Believers» (1995) and «Everywhere I´ve Been» (1997) was recorded and produced in the Waterfall studio.





RagaRaga Rockers – Norwegian rock band founded in 1982 by Michael Kron. One of «The Four Greats» in Norwegian rock culture. «Til Helvete Med Raga Rockers» (1997) and «Faktor X» (2013) were recorded and produced in the Waterfall studio.




KylieKylie Minogue – Australian singer and songwriter and one of the leading female solo artists from 1980 until today. Her song «Baby» from 2001 was recorded and produced in the Waterfall studio.




5ive 5ive – English boy band formed in 1997 with over 20 million records sold worldwide. Waterfall remixed a version of «We Will Rock You» for their performance at the Brit Awards in 2000.




Jenter og sånn DI DERREDi Derre – Norwegian pop/rock band founded in 1992. Their albums «Den Derre Med Di Derre» (1993), «Jenter & Sånn» (1994), «Gym» (1996),  «Slå Meg På! (popmusikk)» (1998) and «Di Beste Med Di Derre» (2006) has been recorded and produced in Waterfall.






0000512861_500M2M – Norwegian pop music duo, consisting of Marit Larsen and Marion Raven, with several international hits during the period 1999-2002. Their albums «Shades of Purple» (2000) and «The Big Room» (2002) were recorded and produced in the Waterfall studio.






Nemisis DivinaSatyricon – Norwegian black metal band formed in 1991, core members consisting of Sigurd «Satyr» Wongraven and Kjetil-Vidar «Frost» Haraldstad. Their first three albums typify the Norwegian black metal style and they have recieved several awards during the years. Their album «Nemisis Divina» (1996) was recorded and produced in the Waterfall studio.





Leona Naess –  leonanaessBritish singer-songwriter who released her debut album «Comatised» in 2000. Waterfall worked with her on a song for one of her later albums.







Evig eiesHenning Kvitnes – Norwegian singer-songwriter with great success as a solo artist from the 90s until today. Waterfall studio recorded and produced the albums «Godt Vann» (1995) and «Evig Eies (Kun Et Dårlig Rykte)» (1998).






Ida MariaIda Maria – Norwegian rock musician and songwriter, her debut album, «Fortress Round My Heart» (2008) was recorded and produced in the Waterfall studio.




7S Club 7 – British pop group with four UK no.1 singles and one UK no. 1 album. Waterfall studio recorded and produced several songs for their album «7» (2000).






FiresRonan Keating – Lead singer in the boy band Boyzone, debuted as a solo artist in 1999, which resulted in 9 albums. Waterfall studio contributed to the song «Love You And Leave You» from his album «Fires» (2012).





molvaerNils Petter Molvær – Norwegian jazz trumpeter, composer and producer, pioneer of the «future jazz» genre combining jazz and electronic music. Molvær has received numerous awards, including the Spellemann Award, the Kongsberg Jazz Award and the Gammleng Award. Waterfall studio contributed to several of his albums.






Babel FishBabel Fish – Norwegian pop rock band formed in Oslo in the late 1980s. Their first album «Babel Fish» became a huge success across Europe, with the song «Mania» featuring in a Marlboro commercial and being used as part of the soundtrack for «Dawson´s Creek». Their albums «Babel Fish» (1998)  «Coming Up For Air» (2002) and their single «Mania» (1998) was recorded and produced in the Waterfall studio.


Billy Cobham at Kongesberg Jazz Festival, 1974 Billy Cobham – Panamanian American jazz drummer, composer and bandleader who became prominent in the 1960s and 70s with Miles Davis and then Mahavishnu Orchestra.









Span Span – Norwegian rock band formed in 2000, with over 55 000 albums sold world wide.






Wenche Myhre

Wenche Myhre – Norwegian singer and actress with a great number of hit songs since the 1960s in the Norwegian, German, Swedish and Danish markets. Waterfall studio recorded and produced her album «Vannmann» (1997).




hellbilliesHellbillies – Norwegian country rock band with thirteen albums released – including a compilation and two live alums, they are among Norway´s most popular recording artists. Waterfall studio contributed to their album «Urban Twang» (2001).







Sidsel+Endresen++Bugge+Wesseltoft+452499Sidsel Endresen & Bugge Wesseltoft – She a Norwegian jazz vocalist, composer and actor, he a jazz musician, pianist, composer and producer, Endresen and Wessltoft has released three ambums together with great success. The album «Nightsong» (1999) was recorded and produced in the Waterfall studio.






Tina TurnerTina Turner – Singer, dancer, actress and author who´s career has spanned over more than half a century earning widespread recognition and numerous awards. Waterfall studio contributed to a song for one of her albums.






morten HarketMorten Harket – Norwegian musician, best known as the vocalist in the band A-ha , which released nine studio albums and topped the charts in several countries. Has also had success as a solo artist and has released six solo albums. His album «Wild Seed» (1995) was recorded and produced in the Waterfall studio.






BjelleklangBjelleklang – Norwegian a cappella vocal group formed in 1986 who´s released several albums.








JYJJYJ – South Korean pop group formed in 2010. Released their debut album in 2010, Waterfall studio contributed to the song «AM 2:30» for their new album «Just Us» (2014).